How to add Google Analytics tracker visitors on Blogger

Google Analytics tracker visitors

Any self-respecting blogger should know attendance from its visitors. Google has created a very useful and really intuitive tool to track the traffic of his blog and learn more about its visitors: Google Analytics.
This free tool makes it possible to measure the visitor statistics of a blog (website), but also to measure its audience. For individuals and companies with a professional blog, this is a very powerful tool to monitor every move of their visitors, allowing them to better prepare their strategies. Here is a step by step tutorial to install Google Analytics on their Blogger blog.

  • The first step is to go to Google Analytics and log in using your Google Account
Google Analytics
  • Continue giving the details of your blogspot: blog address, username, your location, name .... click Register to finish the registration process in Analytics.
  • Google provides what is called a "Tracking Code", this is the code you need to insert in your blog. Copy the code that was sent to you then "Save and Finish."
Google Analytics tracking code

  • Go to your Blogger account and click on "Template" and in the "Edit HTML" section. Copy the "Tracking Code" at the bottom of the HTML code of your blog, just before </ body> then Save.
tracking code Google Analytics

  • You can now return to the home page of Google Analytics and you will notice that the blog is "Pending validation", you just wait a few minutes before Google will check your blog and a few hours it actually starts collecting statistics on visits.
You now have the opportunity to follow all traffic to your blog, where visitors come from, what are the most read, the traffic sources in terms of keywords (but not the internet provider), etc. What make a good strategy perspective to attract new visitors.

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