5 WordPress plugins to show ads on your WordPress blog

wordpress ads plugins

       Would you like to display ads on your blog (site) WordPress, without knowing what the best plugins available for this task?

Do not worry, this list of plugins, 5 WordPress plugins to display internal announcements (created by you) or external (created by third party service like Adsense).

1. FooBar Notification :

foobar wordpress plugin

Let's start this list with a simple plugin that allows you to display advertisements on lively bars. It is very easy to handle, therefore also easy to configure.

You can access to the website of his publisher to view videos, demonstrations and more.

You can also count on its customer service that is available to any concern.

2. WP Pro Adversiting System :

wp pro wordpress plugin

WP Pro Advertising System plugin allows you to manage the ads on your blog. It provides powerful features that allow you to display ads anywhere on your blog, but also allows you to manage:
  • advertisers
  • Advertising campaigns
  • banners
  • Advertising areas
  • In seconds
Besides the common formats for advertising, you can add advertisements that appear on the corners of the screen, pop-up banners, but also transform the background of your articles and pages for displaying an advertisement.

3. AdPress Manager :

adpress wordpress plugin

Adpress is a premium plugin that allows you to manage and display ads on your blog. It also allows you to create advertising space to sell on your blog.

Here is a list of these features:

  • Responsive design
  • Define how the ads are sold (Duration Views Click)
  • Advertising in various formats: Flash, Image.
  • Advertisements buckles
  • PayPal integration
  • Analytical table of the plugin
  • Automatic or manual approval of ad requests

4. smartPop-Up BOX :

smart popup wordpress plugin

You do not like pop-ups that appear on the opening of a blog? So we agree. SmartPop-up (or intelligent Popup) allows you to display non-immersive pop-ups that appear when certain conditions are met.

You can configure the plugin including such kinds that pop-ups are displayed according to:

  • IP addresses
  • The load time of the page (before loading or after loading)
  • Specific dimensions
  • From a time interval
  • And more

5. Video Intro for WordPress :

video intro wordpress plugin

Video for WordPress WordPress is a plugin that allows you to view video presentations on your blog visitors before they will access your content.

It comes with a list of options that allow you to put your blog (site) forward, notably allows you to:

  • To add an automatic redirection after playing a video
  • To add the button "Skip video»
  • To add custom borders with great color scheme
  • To add a custom logo
  • To add text at the bottom of the frame
  • To add Youtube videos
  • And more.

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