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Search Engines
         When you create a blog with Blogger, it is helpful to know the major search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing.

Google and Yahoo will find your blog anyway with their bots as soon as links to it exist, but the fastest way to begin the rest of SEO submit the URL with these engines.

In addition, after the submission to Google and Yahoo, it may be interesting to also reference the site on Exalead engines or Mirago.

How to Submit Blog / Website To Search Engines

       The principle is the same but the operation is sometimes different for different engines!
So here are a few.......

1- Google
2- Yahoo
3- Bing (former MSN)
4- Bing (webmaster account: a Windows Live ID required)
5- Exalead
6- orange
7- Baidu (Chinese search engine)
8- Exactseek
9- SearchSight
10- Scrub The Web
11- Entireweb
12- GigaBlust
13- AnooX
14- SplatSearch
15- Jayde
16- InfoTiger
17- TowerSearch
18- The Search Site
19- Websquash
20- unasked
21- EviSum
22- SearchRamp
23- Search The Web
24- Best Yellow
25- Beamed

Automatic Submission In The Search Engines

       There are many websites that offer free website submission services for search engines. The list of search engines are largely the same. Some of them offer to submit your URL to over a hundred search engines.
For starters, you can use their services for free and watch the traffic:

2Submit Express
3Add Me
6Add Pro
9Local Submit

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