10 Methods To Earn Money With A Blog

10 Methods To Earn Money With A Blog

Make money online: an interesting topic.

The questions "how to make money with a blog" might bother you, because starting a blog and make money with are two different things.

If you are a beginner (or intermediate blogger) who has just started blogging, this article will show you working ways to make money with a blog.

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You may be using some methods, or maybe something will be new to you.

But through this article, you will have new insight into different methods to make money with your blog.

Let us see what are these methods are.

1 - Monetize with Adsense

AdSense is the platform powered by Google that gives you the freedom to show appropriate ads to an area in your blog.

To get approval for AdSense, you must submit your blog on AdSense.com.

They ask things like name, address, the URL of your blog, the topic of the blog and many other things.

Carefully fill the form and submit it. People who work at Google will review your form and manually approve if consistent.

2 - Display Banner Ads

This is one of the best method that all large companies use.

In fact, the purchase of advertising space is very similar in those principles, to traditional advertising in print or display. It allows a brand to gain notoriety and to convey advertising messages developed for potential customers.

To buy space, you can contact an advertising agency. Most sites that broadcast banners feature an integrated control or are linked to a control room.

It is with the advertising you negotiate prices for a publication on the targeted website. The main variables are:
  •  the number of impressions (the number of times your ad will appear during a consultation by the Internet);
  •  Price, usually expressed as "cost per thousand impressions" (or CPM). Advertisers often prefer cost per click.
The site like BuySellAds (Us) are market to buy and sell banner ads.

3 - Make a review of a product

Many critics you read on various products are paid critics.

Yeah .. It's the harsh reality.

Companies pay bloggers to write positive reviews of the products.

So you can tackle some companies and ask them to write reviews about their products and to promoting your blog.

4 - Sponsored Links

Many companies just want a link (anchor) within your article for SEO of their website.

So you can write a relevant article on your blog and insert this link business anywhere in the article with the appropriate context.

5 - Make a Product Video

If you have a popular blog, companies will pay more if you can make a video critical of their products.

The video is a good way to disseminate information in a very short time.

6 - Affiliation

With this method, you promote the products of others on your blog by displaying banners or by writing reviews of the product.

You might be confused as I mentioned these two methods above.

Therefore disclaim this confusion first.

Affiliate marketing is completely different.

Here you join the affiliate program for a company and they will pay 10-80% on every sale you make.

You will get your unique affiliate link that will tell the company that this particular sale was made by you.

Every time someone clicks on this link, they will know that the person was sent by you.

You can reach platforms like Amazon, Clickbank etc.

7 - Selling Your Own Service

Once your blog has authority in your niche, you can start selling your own services.

You can create software, plugins, write an ebook for sale on your blog.

8 - Making Training Online

Once you have a popular blog, it is easier to sell your online training.

You must find what interests your audience and then create a product.

9 - CPA Marketing

It is popular method used by all major Internet marketers in the world.

With this method, you just need to drive people to a page for them to do an action.

This can be: completing a form, submit their CB to choose an offer with a trial period or any type of action.

CPA = Cost Per Action / Acquisition.

Here companies will pay you just for one share. No need to sell the products.

10 - Email Marketing

You noticed that I offer guides on my blog in exchange for your email address.

By doing this, I collect e-mails from my readers so I can send them what I want, when I want.

Providing FREE value content on your blog, you establish a relationship with your readers and stay in touch with them using email they gave when downloading the book.

you can also use Aweber for $ 1 (test period).

By giving free tips to your readers, you can create some confidence. Soon they will begin to listen to your suggestions and advice.

You can send an email with an affiliate link to earn money with any type of product.


These are the methods that I will use this year to earn more money with my blogs. Choose one or two methods, and test for two or three months.

With time, you become an expert in methods and you will start making money with your blog.

I hope this information helps.

Share this article and start making money with your blog this year!
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