How To Submit Blogger Sitemap To Google Webmaster Tools?

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        Once you create your Blogger blog, it is strongly recommended to add it to Google Webmaster tools and send the SiteMap to optimize indexing and referencing of your pages on Google search engine.

Google Webmaster Tools, Google Webmasters Tools provides you with detailed reports about the visibility of your pages on Google.
Right after, we'll see how to register a Blogger blog in google webmaster tools and how to submit the SiteMap.

1. Log in to Google Webmasters Tools using your Google Account.

2. Click "Add Site", enter the URL of your blog and click "Continue"

site url webmaster

3. The next step is crucial in order to access all the tools webmasters options. It is to prove to Google that you are the owner of your blog.
Click "Alternative Methods" and select "Meta Tag" (Do not click on "Check")

Meta Tags

4. Keep the validation method with "Meta Tag"

Now go back to Blogger and open the HTML of your model:

"Template"> "Edit HTML"> "Edit"

Find "<Head>" and just after pasting the meta tag then save the template.


5. Return to Google webmaster tools and click "Verify"

Your blog should now be checked:
Blog verified

Submit Blogger Sitemap To Google Webmaster Tools

      Once your blog is added to google webmaster tools, you can send to your Google Website map to show the search engine all URLs of your articles to be indexed.

A site map helps indexing a site because it ensures that all pages are accessible to crawlers.
Most search engines only after a finite number of links on a page, so for a very large site, a site map can be necessary for visitors and search engines can access all pages.

The structure of a sitemap file is equivalent to an RSS feed, so we will use the RSS feed of our blog as Blogger sitemap.

To Submit the sitemap of your Blogger blog to Google, follow these steps:
In webmasters tools, select your blog and go to "Optimization"> "Sitemaps"
Click on the "Add / Test a Sitemap" and Input ABCD and press the following line:

Depending on the number of articles in your blog, you have to submit multiple sitemaps by varying the start-index value in the address of the sitemap. for example if you have between 300 and 400 articles in your blog, you need to submit those 4 Sitemaps:

By adding a SiteMap you provided Google all the details and information on your blog; which optimizes indexing and archiving your articles in its search engine.

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