Blogger - Customize the URL of your blog articles

I present a feature that allows you to better customize your "search preferences": permanent links.

When writing an article, Blogger automatically generates a permanent link based on the title of the article. Until the arrival of this new feature, blog authors had no control over the permalink their articles.

Custom permalinks give you more control over your blog and your articles. These new custom links also provide more information about your article on search results.

If you want to use a custom URL, you can do so via the "Permalink" in the Settings menu of your article being written to your right:

Customize Blog post url

To create a custom URL of an article, just select the option "Custom URL" and enter your new web address below. If you wrote the article in July of 2015, the URL of your new look like this:

The fat area is the part of the URL that you customized.

If the custom permalink you entered already exists, Blogger will try to find another one for you, not yet used.

At present, the characters allowed in a custom URL are limited to: az, AZ, 0-1. The only available special characters dashes, underscores (underscore) and the point.

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