SEO Tips and Tricks for Search Engine Optimization


1- Domain name:

It allows you to have your little spot only yours and be easily identifiable.

There are 2 options:
  • Either you take it from the start of your blog or you risk you do "sting" later, but it forces you to "maintain" your blog, because it will cost you about $ 18 per year (Blogger).
  • Either you wait a few months time to be sure that your blog is your passion for the taking.

Domain Name

2- Using keywords:

The use of keywords is very important. Think about your article and write any word that comes in your mind. Tape them in the google search bar and look at the results, if relevant, place them in your article. Personally, all my keywords are written in bold in my articles if that gives you an idea.


3- Naming your photos :

It is important to do for SEO, it is even the base. For some time I try to rename each photo. If you're at the beginning of your blog, this is the time;)
Do not put a space between each word, but dashes.

Here's an example:
Search-Engine-Optimization.jpg not Search Engine Optimization.jpg

Also, think to name the title attribute (Image title) and Alt tag of the image .. But how do we do?
On blogger, you must click (left click) on the image then "Properties" and write that;)

For example:

Alt Attribute: Seo Tips And Tricks

Attribute Title: Seo-Tips-And-Tricks

alt text

4- Social Media :

Social Media, you know how important it is to get to know =)
If I can give you a little extra To insert a Sharing Button just below your articles. This allows the reader to relay the info right away =). Blog communicate should be fun;)

Social Media

5- Writing :

You should know that Google does not recognize any attention to typography then writes a little BRAVO!
For your readers, avoid changing colors 10,000 times in your article, too small or writing an article too dark background. It hurts the eyes and the reader quickly click on the cross.
  • Write short sentences (I'm working on it, it's hard !!)
  • Adopts simple formulations
  • used bullets, numbers

So these Are The Seo Tips And Tricks.

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