Quick Tips to Improve Your SEO

quick SEO tips

Today we are going to give you some tips to apply to improve your SEO

1. Do not copy content from others :

Found on press releases blog or small paragraphs taken from other blogs or on the site of the brand. Search engines do not like it. And besides, Your readers will not like! They want your opinion.

2. Name your images :

If you name Images with keywords (no spaces, no accent without capital and without "_"), they will also optimized. It takes two seconds more to do, and that changes everything. We fear separate the keywords with "-", otherwise called "dash 6". And while .jpg or .jpeg is lighter so the website Or Blog loads faster.

3. Animate your social Media :

This allows you to talk and share with your community other than your blog. Share your new articles on Facebook, Twitter ... will allow your subscribers to be informed of your updates. Thanks to relay your articles, you will attract new readers!

4. Bold The Keywords :

If Google will fail to identify the topic of the post. Therefore outlaw fulfilled sentences in uppercase words in bold italics. In addition, it is my opinion.

Here are some pretty simple tips that should boost your SEO!

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