20 tips to boost Twitter account


Twitter is full of secrets. Without understanding it, you can win (or lose) 50 subscribers in minutes. Obviously, there are reasons for this. Tweet your way to the information that make up your bio, your availability, all contribute to the success or the defeat of a Twitter account.
Today, here are 20 tips to boost a Twitter account ...
  1. Customize the photo and bio of your profile.
  2. Include the address of your website or blog in the description.
  3. Use the hashtag (#) to find people according to your interests.
  4. Follow interesting people with good content.
  5. Chat with your subscribers citing aPseudo.
  6. Retweet (RT) if you like a Tweet.
  7. Share good content to your subscribers.
  8. Report abuse in the Support Twitter.
  9. Do not be perfect, be yourself.
  10. Use a URL shortener like bit.ly.
  11. Use a Twitter client like TweetDeck or Hootsuite to comfortably manage your (your) account (s).
  12. Do not pay attention to your subscribers. Good content attracts people effortlessly.
  13. Tweet from your smartphone!
  14. Find your favorite brands and follow them. Feel free to make their return, they usually listen to you.
  15. If someone mentions you, answer him.
  16. A tweet = 140 characters. Try to do less!
  17. Too many Tweets kills Tweet! Moderate yourself.
  18. Tweet pictures, a picture is worth 1000 words.
  19. Tweets are planning to keep your account active all day.
  20. Do not hesitate to ask for help or advice from your followers.

Just Follow These tips to boost Twitter account !

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