10 tips for better use Pinterest


Pinterest Have million's Of users, it is not anything really!
The purpose of the site is simple: share images or videos in a variety of ways. Silly at first, addictive there after.
After a few weeks of operation, I invite you to discover 10 tips for better use Pinterest ...

1. Complete your profile

Like any other Web service, take a few minutes to complete your profile. Everything happens in the settings. Add some information such as your name, your description, your blog. You can even link your Twitter and Facebook Pinterest account.

2. Organize your "Boards"

The "Boards" are the tables in which you will share your images and videos. Organize them from the start in order to save time sharing. I, for example, created boards "Apple", "Blog", "Computer Graphics" and "Unusual". To you to be creative;)

3. Send your own images

After a few weeks of use, I noticed that image has sent more successful and "Repin" than another. Moreover, a simple image, I welcomed over 250 visitors Around the Web the same day.

4. The description

Add a description. Some prefer short ... Other long is up to you. speaking from the description;)

5. Check the pictures that were shared on your blog

There is a little trick to know precisely what has been shared from your blog. Simply enter the "http://pinterest.com/source/Bloggingchimp.blogspot.com/" address in your address bar. For example, Around the Web, it looks like this: http://pinterest.com/source/bloggingchimp.blogspot.com/

6. Use the search box

In the upper left corner is now a search box. Use it to find recipes, household articles, decorative objects, concepts iPhone, etc.
This small bar is a gem, nothing escapes him!

7. Use the Twitter shortcuts

As with Twitter, Pinterest has integrated the system hashtags (#) and direct message (@). Use these shortcuts to not be homesick.

8. Install the "Bookmark" button on blog

Pinterest has thought of everything. That is why you will find in the Goodies part, all kinds of small products dedicated to users of the service: bookmark, blog button, iPhone application, etc. Install the ones you want.

9. Select a Google Chrome extension

For those who like to have their social network on hand, without even open the home page in their browser, there are extensions. I recently introduced 8 Google Chrome extensions to Pinterest. Select one and the music!
For my part, I use Pinterest Right Click.

10. (BONUS) Ask me for a invite '

And for those who have not yet had the chance to join this social network, I have invitations. Feel free to leave a comment with a valid email asking me a small invite ';)

Do you have any more tips to add to better use Pinterest?

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