10 good reasons to get started in blogging ... Now!


If you are not convinced of the benefits of a blog, so maybe I'll prove you wrong with these 10 reasons to get started in blogging ...

1. To help others

For me, the primary goal of a blog is self-help. I share a lot and I love it. Over time, Blogging Chimp has turned to a blog of tips, tricks and presentations free web services. A blog dedicated to beginners. Internet, social networks, WordPress, I explain everything simply.

2. To make money

Do not think that making money online is easy. Many have tried but few have succeeded. People who tell you otherwise are liars ... or very good marketers!
Yet, even if it is not huge, I must admit that there way to earn some money with your blog. I do it, it works, but it's been 2 years since I blog every day!

3. To formidable knowledge

Blogging is like a big family. Haggle and say hello. "Everyone is beautiful, everyone is nice." It is almost like the land of Care Bears!
Joking aside, I made pleasant knowledge through my blog.

4. To boost your career

A blog is generally seen as a "professional showcase." Build your reputation, strengthen your skills through your blog. New opportunities or doors certainly opened.

5. To you (finally) reading

Come on, I confess again, I hated to read before opening Around the Web ... like everyone what! And to go even further, I spent my time on Online games (Counter Strike and BF2 for Nolife;)). In short, no future. Now, reading'm part of my daily life. I read about two to three books per month + the many blogs I read daily.

6. To learn other languages

This joined a little precedent. I read a lot, but I read many foreigners blogs. And it's funny, but I realized I was learning words without realizing it! Strange how the human being is well done, right?

7. To build a network

Social networks are definitely one of the most beautiful things that the Web is done in recent years. It's easy to create a network of 1,000 fans on Facebook and 2,000 subscribers to a Twitter account. Building a network takes time, but it's required for the proper functioning of a blog.

8. For the pleasure of writing

Raaah writing. Certainly one of the things we hate most in school. And yet, from a simple idea and end with a text that is more than 750 words (like this article), it gives you the potato!

9. To create a diary

Do not affoler, I do not mean this to open a Skyblog! No, I'm just opening a blog is like writing a diary. We confess, we say things we do not necessarily used to say, in short, you see where I'm coming!

10. To pass the time

You are unemployed? or official (it is the same!)? Why not take advantage of your time to start a blog? I'm sure you'll be able to find all the items listed above.

(Bonus) To spend more time with family

I know this is a bit irritating. The time you spend on your blog, you do not spend with your family. Ok, I grant you. Now imagine being able to live a few minutes of your blog. What will be the benefits? For me it's seen everything!
And for you, what are the reasons pushing someone to get into blogging?

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