Top 10 wordpress plugins for your website

Top wordpress plugins

Let's go, here's a small list of wordpress plugins for your website!

Wordpress plugin, Important.

Broken Link Checker: Check your links!

This little plugin wordpress will be very useful, it will indeed allow you, as the name suggests checking if broken links are present on your blog. It is never good to leave any broken links, for the convenience of visitors but also for the search engines do not like that! Be careful though to check if the site is really closed before defuse a link, sometimes it is just a server error.

Comment Luv: A value-added comment.

A classic of the genre. With it, you will definitely get more comments since the interest lies in the fact that the commentator can leave a link to his latest articles! So under his name in the comments, a link will appear. Wonderful plugin for SEO articles.

Digg Digg: The most effective sidebar.

Looking for a way to display a sidebar on your blog? you find many plugins but none for you ... try Digg this little wordpress plugin is perfect, customizable at will and very light.

Login LockDown: Stop hackers.

WordPress security is not deemed fortunately some plugins to help us improve it as Login Lock Down. This plugin immediately block access to wordpress admin after a few attempts. Unfortunately, the plugin has not been updated for some time and may not be compatible with wordpress long time.

NoSpamNX: Stop spam too!

Always about more than data security, this plugin will block intrusive spam the comments. Despite Askimet replacing the JDB, you will find more information on the blog plugin Bruno.

Top commentator widget: Top for your sidebar.

Add some life to your sidebar. This plugin created a top commentators on your blog and therefore encourages to comment while creating back links. That's positive, give and take. Feel free to install it!

Tweetily: Do not let rot your old articles.

A good start to save time, Tweetily helps you by automatically posting your old posts and articles on Twitter! A good way to revive old articles and do not let them be buried in the archives blogs.

Wp Optimize: Optimize, scrub your blog.

You want to clean up your blog? This plugin removes your revisions articles, cleans your database and truly optimizes a blog. A speed increase is even possible if the blog is too congested. Use with caution.

Wp smush it: Compress and gain speed.

Same as above with Wp Optimize: slow you find your blog? Do you know that the first cause is usually pictures, too heavy? This plugin compress your images and saves you loading speed. Careful, careful to always keep up to date at risk of losing images!

Wptouch: Your site is now mobile.

The classic. If you do not have a theme suited for mobile devices, install this plugin. Free and fully customizable, you immediately will make your visitors enjoy your site fully mobile version. A must-have.

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