Twitter: 10 Important steps for beginners


There you are. Finally, you just take the plunge and you registered (force?) Service which everyone speaks: Twitter. You send your first tweet and you realize that you have no subscriber! First thing that comes to mind: "what do I throw this? »
Do not worry, I've already said and explained, Twitter did not rule but must still minimal to move forward and find her way. Here are 10 Important steps for beginners Twitter ...

1. Set up your profile

The first thing to do is to slip into the top right bar in the "Preferences". Correctly fill out your profile: set up a link to your website or blog with a brief description. Customize the design, upload a photo (do not let in any case the original avatar) to differentiate you from others. Like any social networking site, it is important to be precise in your description, the person who will look at your profile will only have a few seconds to judge you and add you to their contacts ... Or not!

2. Follow people with similar interests

Now that your profile is completed, we will have to start following people. You can find these people in Twitter directories. These sites can help you discover the Twitter users who have similar interests as yours. Follow these people and see their tweets. Sites like Just Tweet It or WeFollow can help.

3 Enter a conversation

Now that you follow people, you'll see scroll tweets on your timeline (or wire). Watch every move of your contacts. Analyze their way to make and send your first message.
If someone asks a question, please answer if you know the answer. Do not be afraid to interact.

4. Do not spam

Spam is the cause of many churn Twitter. If there is a character limit of Twitter is that there must be a reason! Do not send multiple messages, do not use this service as if you were on MSN. Do not do too much or not enough! I know it's stupid but that's exactly how we recognize someone who has understood to Twitter: it's in the middle.

5. Tweet daily

This will certainly grieve in more than one. You know, some tips are controversial on Twitter, for my part I suggest a minimum of one tweet a day. It's not much but it proves your presence.

6. Looking!

Find the topics of interest to your subscribers. Go groping and remember that this is by making mistakes that we learn! Once you have established relationships with your followers, you get more attention from them.

7. Help others

On Twitter, often asked for help. Before receiving your first retweets (RT), you have to go through the box "help"! Helping others, retweet their messages, give advice in your niche will be your daily life. If I had to define Twitter in a few words, it would be: give before you receive. You will see that this expression perfectly defines this little microblogging service.

8. Create relationships

Get to that point, you will have already come a long way. Indeed, it is now time to build relationships with your contacts. You will speak generally with the same group of people so use it PM (Personal Message) to create relationships.

9. Integrate Twitter with other social networks

Do you have a blog? Do you have a Facebook profile? Everything is now synchronized. Twitter has become a must in the middle of the Internet, an essential part of Web 2.0, it allows you to build relationships that can branch out to other social networks. You can also ask people to add you on your other profiles than Twitter.

10. Build relationships even outside Twitter

Do you have many friends on Twitter? I regularly see people organize aperitifs from Twitter. Make like them (if you are not at 1000 terminals like me!)

(Bonus) Twitter!

Some people fall quickly addicted to this kind of service. Do not be like those who spend all day behind their screen to tell their life ... Who cares!

Congratulations! You are now an official member of the Twitter community. You speak, act, think and breathe like them!

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