Which is Better WordPress or Blogger?

Which is Better WordPress or Blogger

As you know, the blog is a great easy to use and an essential tool for any internet marketer.

The choice of platform for your blog is very important.

When you search on the internet the names of the best platform, it always falls on

  • Blogger
  • WordPress

Choose between WordPress and Blogger: So I made a small comparison to help you, your needs, to choose the platform that suits you.

Why Choose Blogger (free solution)

Blogger is very easy to use. You can create a blog in minutes.

Writing an article is facilitated by the WYSIWYG editor. In addition, there is a preview option to see the result before publishing it.

You can also add full of options to your Blogger blog as the share button and choose your theme.

Why Choose WordPress (paid solution)

Small precision, the wordpress script is free, but to make it work, you'll have to do on a host server with a given base.

This solution is more for people who have a little experience. Because when we started, install a script on a server is a real headache.

You choose wordpress because:
  • You can choose from hundreds of themes.
  • There are thousands of plugins - extensions.
  • Google loves wordpress.
This last point is perhaps the most important in SEO.

With some plugins you can optimize your wordpress blog to position in google for specific words.

So with These Solution's you'll know which is better wordpress or Blogger
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