7 tools to Combine Twitter with your WordPress blog

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         Are you looking to Use the full power of Twitter to increase your traffic?

When used properly, Twitter can help you get new subscribers, expand the scope of your content and increase your traffic.

In this tutorial, I will present the 7 most recommended tools to integrate (add) Twitter to your WordPress blog.

1. Floating Social Bar :

         "Floating Social Bar" adds buttons sharing to social networks on top of your content including the button "Tweet this". Unlike other plugins, "Floating Social Bar" does not slow down your blog. It loads asynchronously the number of times your article was "tweeted" on the share button.

Floating social bar

2. Schedule Your Tweets with buffer :

         Buffer is the most used by American bloggers tool. It allows you to schedule your tweets but also other updates to different social networks. You can even use it to program the publication of your articles on Twitter.

What is remarkable about this plugin is that you can schedule for days and even weeks in advance if you wish.

buffer social media

3. How to add the official Tweet Button :

         If you use the plugin "Floating Social Bar", then you will not need this, because he already has a share button. However, if you want to do it yourself, then you will need to copy the code and post it on your blog.

I invite you to visit the Twitter website to generate code for your user account. You can add this code in a text widget. This button will automatically detect the link you want to share.

tweet button

4. How to integrate recent tweets on your WordPress blog :

         WordPress allows you to embed a tweet in an article of your blog. All you have to do is copy the link of the tweet and add an article / page or even in a widget.

WordPress automatically retrieve and display the Tweet as Twitter. It will also display the photos or videos attached to tweet.

5. How to add maps on Twitter WordPress :

         The Twitter cards to see a summary and a thumbnail of your items when someone updates it. Twitter will also display a link labeled "View Summary" or "View Summary" right next to the tweet to see more details.

Blogging twitter

6. How to publish your tweets as articles on WordPress :

        If, if that is indeed possible. Simply install and activate the plugin "Twitter Tools". It will create a connection between your blog and Twitter and will enable you to get the latest tweets and post them on your blog.

You can choose to post tweets each as Article sole or combine together as a daily summary.

publish tweets on wordpress

7. How to add a button "Pay with a Tweet" :

         Here's a great way to easily share your content on Twitter. This method makes obtaining a service or product to a tweet. WordPress, there are among others a plugin that performs this task, this is the plugin "Pay with a Tweet".

You will need to log into your Twitter account to create an application. After configuration, you can create a new button and configure the tweet you want to publish by users.

Pay with a tweet

That's it for this list of tools to integrate Twitter into your WordPress blog. Feel free to share the trick with your friends on your favorite social networks.

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