10 Things to do before Applying For Google Adsense

Google Adsense

To do list before Applying For Google Adsense

1- Privacy Policy:

          One of the most important and common error to do before Google Adsensece request is that they have a very good design etc. but they forget Privacy Policy This is the largest for approval AdSense. Privacy policy stipulates that what people entering your blog and what the visitor should do and what not to do. There are many generators Privacy policy online or you can write by yourself.

2- About Page:

          This page plays a major role in Application Google Adsense. This page simply describes you and your blog. This make sense of confidence if you have this on our page.

3- Contact us:

          This is very important because any opinion say in your blog. The best thing to give a chance to talk and say what they think of your blog.

4- Name / E-mail verification:

          Make sure to place your name and e-mail ID in a visible area like about me or the Contact Us page.

5- Age verification:

          Make sure you have 18 years to get approved for AdSense. Because AdSense is not under 18 people.

6- Number of posts:

          This is a very difficult question for who can not give an answer. However, we can predict that you should at least 50-70 high quality items.

7- Design:

          This actually represents your professionalism, experience. So make a good design of your blog does not take chances.

8- Type of content:

          Be careful while writing content. Because it take major effect on your blog because it really counts. Google AdSense is not pornographic, illegal items, medications or other blogs / sites like this.

9- Top Level Domains:

          You should have top-level domain to get approved for AdSense. Now a days, they do not approve of "Blogspot" and "WordPress.com" Blogs. Coming to domain age is also important.

10- Paid traffic :

          Google does not like paid traffic and you will get penalized if Google see that you are getting everything paid traffic. You must bring traffic from search engines or other sources but paid traffic does affect your blog. Paid traffic is not a way to earn AdSense.

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  1. I understand these exclusive tips but the I am facing another problem. I am adsense approved and I have also generated the codes. But the problem is when I post those codes into my site's header or footer or other it is not showing the ads. I do not if there is a solution to ask, but the site is here - alokitobangladesh.com, please someone give me a good solution for that.

    1. Maybe You're Adsense Account Is Hosted Account.


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