42 things to do and 22 Don'ts in Blogging

to do and dont in blogging

Since I wrote my first blog post, since the time I travel many other blogs, I was able to get an idea about a few things about blogging.

Here's a list of things to do and not to do in blogging

- What to do in blogging :

  1. Create a blog that is meaningful to you.
  2. Set goals and objectives with your blog.
  3. Write something every day (note I did not say "post").
  4. Try to be in the head of your readers and try to understand who they are.
  5. Conduct surveys to understand your readers.
  6. Create content that goes to meet the needs of your readers, who answers questions, and solve problems.
  7. Write with a committed voice.
  8. Create your newsletter.
  9. Pay attention to the design of your blog - first impressions count!
  10. Clearly communicate what speaks your blog through design.
  11. Spending time outside of your blog and to meet your readers.
  12. Having your own domain name.
  13. Create visual content.
  14. Create the model of community you want to have with your blog.
  15. Install tools analytics and monitoring results.
  16. Find other bloggers buddies with whom to exchange for new ideas.
  17. Do not forget his real friends in real life.
  18. Being aware of the problems of people in your niche and try to solve them.
  19. Create something that you can sell later on your blog.
  20. Think beyond what you write today - you need to develop an editorial calendar.
  21. Put time aside to learn the skills they'll miss.
  22. Put time aside to brainstorm about the topics you write.
  23. Read other blogs - you'll learn a lot about them!
  24. Share your opinion - that's what differentiates you most of the time.
  25. Share stories - yours and others.
  26. Make a regular backup of your blog.
  27. Blogging really passionately.
  28. Build relationships "win / win / win" with the brands, your readers and you.
  29. Show your personality - be yourself!
  30. Really paying attention to what gives you energy and make more.
  31. Really paying attention to what gives energy to your readers and make more.
  32. Really spend time refining and development of the titles of articles.
  33. Think about what 'action' you want your readers to do by reading your content.
  34. Make peace with the fact that there will always be more you can do.
  35. Really learn to prioritize and focus on activities that bring you closer more closer to your goals.
  36. Pay attention to your archives - update and make it promotes regularly.
  37. Really spend time analyzing what types of content are 'shared' in your niche - publish such content regularly.
  38. Use your social proof.
  39. Take time to share outside of blogging - the holiday is important!
  40. Ask lots of questions and listen to your readers what they say
  41. Treat her blog as a business today ... if you want it to be a tomorrow.
  42. Really create content that Inform, Inspire and interacts.

- What not to do in blogging :

  1. Do not be afraid to publish.
  2. Do not think that we should publish articles every day.
  3. Do not post anything if you drank or if you are upset.
  4. Do not become a spammer how all the blogs to say anything.
  5. Do not post just to publishing content.
  6. Do not use the things of others without permission.
  7. Do not focus so much on the drives you do not - Have a great impact on those you have.
  8. Are not going to become too thin (in stressful writing too many items for example) - do what you can do, and do good.
  9. Do not become a promotional tool.
  10. Do not post to your blog without having reread.
  11. Do not write only for search engines.
  12. Do not betray your principles.
  13. Do not engage on all social networks - Analyze where your readers are and use appropriate networks max.
  14. Do not look for a plan to be successful in blogging - create your own story.
  15. Do not publish text blocks - stagger a little paragraphs.
  16. Do not hide your mistakes - be transparent.
  17. Do not enter the game Troll - be polite, friendly but firm.
  18. Do not let people say negative things to say about your work - it will demolish you.
  19. Do not expect to get rich quick.
  20. Stop comparing yourself to others too - do you make the comparison between now and when you started.
  21. Do not become obsessed blogging forgetting that you have things to deal with in real life.
  22. Do not give up quickly - develop a blog takes time.
Of course I scratch the surface in this list but I hope, for those of you who are new, give you some starting points. Also keep in mind that these are not 'rules' and that the "things to do" does not guarantee success and "things not to do" does not guarantee failure. In fact I wrote a lot of things not to do as a result of my own mistakes, but some things were arranged at the end for me despite these failures.

And you, do you have something to add to this list?

Share your comments below.

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