The advantages and disadvantages of social Media

Advantages And Disadvantages social media

Today, virtually all companies develop their communication through Social Media. This is the place to be to gain visibility and effectively interact with prospects and customers. But what are you able to draw from these media? What are the challenges in terms of image and develop your business? I explain you with an update on the advantages and disadvantages of social Media.

The benefits of social Media for developing your image

Social Media as a springboard your reputation

Social Media are a tool that increase the visibility of a company, thanks to content-sharing systems and SEO by social Media, called SMO (Social Media Optimization). The messages you post cater to a virtually unlimited number of people in space-time, as users can share your content with no limits. Also social Media have powerful promotional tools. Facebook for example includes an advertising system to run ads by defining your target criteria: age, sex, place of residence, interests ... All this is a significant advantage for the development of your online presence!

Social Media to obtain and retain customers

 Social Media are a privileged platform for dialogue between you and your customers. A dialogue that will allow you to create links, establish proximity and thus develop the social capital of your customers to you. A company that listens to its customers, will always be perceived positively by the community. A point that will benefit you because your customers will therefore be inclined to themselves your company spokespersons.

An effective and quick way to establish partnerships

Another advantage I can give you is the ease that social Media allow in making contact with people of influence in your area! You want to involve the community management specialists to write an article about it on your blog? Take your computer, turn you on Twitter and Linkedin and you'll find it in no time!

The dark side of social Media

Like any good thing, there is always a hidden setback somewhere. Social Media have so few small drawbacks that I am going to list. Focus on the pros and cons of social Media icon smile

Social Media is resource ... and time!

One downside of social Media that I can give you is to mobilize resource requires these media. If you want to effectively develop social Media of your business, it takes time. Upstream, think its community management strategy, which goes through several stages as market analysis, trends, behavior of your target. Then you have to select each social Media based on your business and your target. Once you do that, you have to develop the editorial strategy of each of your social media. This is a first phase of reflection and analysis that takes time. Once your strategy, it must be put in place. You must do the day before, enliven social Media, take the time to find relevant content, answer your community, seek partners. In short all require resource! And it is partly for this reason, and for the expertise that these media request that the community manager job was created.

Virality of social Media

Another feature of social Media is their immediacy and viral side. This is a factor to be taken into account because if you do not master, it can work against your company's reputation! So be careful what you say and do not abuse your customers, stay polite, even if they are not. If you make a mistake, it can be quickly relayed by your customers.

Being present on social Media therefore has more advantages than disadvantages! Also note that you can be on the web spite you, even if you do not have an account, users can talk to you on the canvas. It is therefore important for you to be present on social Media to control what is said and your image.

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