5 SEO tools to choose the best keyword


Before you see the top of the poster, consider optimizing your keywords! For this, there are dozens of tools allowing you to choose keywords that allow you to have a better ranking on search engines.

Google AdWords

Probably the best known and most used of all, Google Adwords is Google's advertising service that will allow you to view the activity of a key word (competition, average number of research, auction, etc.) and offer you Similar keywords. AdWords is not an infallible index criterion. Operation is simple, you simply create your own campaign by filling in the activity of your business and determine a semantic field. You only have to go into the tools planning tool to visualize the ideas you suggest AdWords. 

Google Trends

This tool offered by Google lets you know how often a keyword is typed in the Google search engine while selecting the region and the language in which the word has had the most reach. Google Trends is very interesting if you have recurring keywords on your site and want to monitor their evolution. The data are presented in graphical form which allows to have a clear idea of the scope of the word. Following your Google searches suggest articles directly related to your keyword which can be interesting in the implementation of audits.


If your keywords are not relevant and are looking for new, this tool is your friend! Ubersuggest helps you to optimize your keywords by suggesting new: it ranks them in order of importance but in alphabetical order. The principle is simple: by going to the site, you type your keyword specifying the language and the nature of your research (web, image, video etc.) Ubersuggest does the rest! You then select the words that will appear relevant and use them for your pages.


Who said that we should not pay to be successful? One thing is certain, it is surely not Wordracker! You will understand, for a monthly subscription this tool promises a perfect optimization of your keywords by deepening the analysis unlike some of its competitors. So typing a keyword, this tool generates a variation of the word by telling you the search volume, KEI section that allows you to have an idea of what you can bring that word as well as active competition your word. With a monthly cost of $ 70, this offer is recommended for companies with a large budget.


Specific to Twitter, Topsy is finally out of the shadow since being acquired by Apple in 2013. This tool will allow you to have an overview of the scope of words in the social media universe. Archiving all Twitter since 2006, Topsy is very useful when it comes to refine your searches, so you can view trends by hour, day, depending on the media but also the language. Both say that in an audit strategy on social networks, Topsy is very effective to show you what the buzz. It includes three tools: social search, social analytics and social trends, enough to satisfy your needs! For the sweet tooth, a pro version is available although it is mainly for large companies.

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  1. But i guess the best tool is Google search itself or the related search phrase when users doing a search... because it shows current trending keywords (or keyword phrase) by users right? It always helps our clients though :)


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