12 things to check before Launching your website online

things to check before launching website

Your site is almost ready ... you spent weeks! This is the time of the last shot, it may be time to check a few things to make sure that all your work does not fall into the water during the final posting. Here are 12 things to check before you launch your website online


Check several times the grammar and spelling.


Make sure your site is W3C compliant. Try it here: validator.w3.org and make sure that your site is displayed correctly by visiting several browsers. Often, IE8 can pose some problems.


If you use WordPress, correctly set the privacy settings to get your site noticed by the search engines (Settings> Privacy).

Also be sure that each page publication that you want to appear in the search engines have well following metadata:
- Meta title
- Meta Description
- Tags
- And the words (s) in the title and meta description also appear several times in the content.

If you are not sure to have done ... is that you have probably not! Do not skip this important step, repeat content and metadata so they are correct.


Create and publish a site map. For example you can put a link to a map of your site footer.

Google Webmaster

Submit your site to Google Webmaster Tools. You might have to do after the launch ...


Make sure you have a 404 error operation Test it by going to a URL that does not exist on your site to see what happens. Carefully review your page 404 to see if it contains all the elements you want to include.

Legal Pages

Privacy Policy Warnings (if necessary), etc. These are important pages, do not forget them. Think carefully about the words used on these pages. Do not copy models of other sites, make it fit your site.
If your company is in a particular sector, ask for help in the legal division in question.


Your visitors can they contact you easily? Test your contact form, make sure that your contact page / information easy to find for users.

Social Media

Put share buttons to the various social Media as well as buttons for direct access to your social Media. It is important to offer visitors the ability to share your content on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, etc.
Think of the platforms that your users are likely to use. If you are not sure, give more sharing buttons (most sites offer large share options).


Test your navigation. Ask friends outside the project to test navigation and they give you their opinion to make sure it works and is intuitive.


Check all internal and outbound links to make sure they all work.

load time

Test the load time of your site at the launch. If the speed is too slow, improve it so that the loading time becomes reasonable.

Website Launch Checklist

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