List of the best free online storage Services for 2015


Free Online storage services are becoming more and more now. Must say that the first offers from 2008 (I especially think of the best known Dropbox) and that 7 years is an eternity on the Internet. Many of you to discover and tame these storage spaces ("the cloud" for experts). Also, with all offers available online, you do not know which to choose. While you can store files on your computer, you can store them in the cloud, easily, safely. And to help you make your choice, here is the list of the best free online storage services for 2015 ...

Free online storage 2015

1. Google Drive: 15 GB

Free online Storage service offered by Google. It is integrated with Google Docs and you can access it from the web interface and through special applications for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android.


2. Dropbox: 2GB

Dropbox is one of the first free online storage service. 2 GB expandable to 18 (or slightly more) on invitations, it is remarkably simple. Appreciated by all, he was able to quickly win against competition. Windows applications, Mac, iOS and Android are available.


3. Hubic: 25 GB

Offered since December 2011 by the company, service hosts more than 425,000 users.
100% private, file transfers on your Hubic space use SSL and each file is replicated to 3 separate locations.


Onedrive is service by Microsoft. You can keep all your files and pictures in the storage space in the cloud. Thereafter, you can share from your phone, tablet and computer.


5. Box: 10 GB

Get 10 GB of free storage. Use Box to store, manage and share files securely in the cloud. Access your documents when you need them, from any device: the Internet, tablet or phone. In addition, share large files using a simple link and work on projects with friends, family and colleagues wherever you are.


6. iCloud: 5 GB

Apple does not like to mix with others! With iCloud, you need to have a hardware Iceberg brand to gain access to its free service. You can store your documents online for Pages, Numbers and Keynote, as well as images and videos.


7. Wuala: 5 GB

Wuala offers 5 GB of space, enough to store about 1500 photos or 500 music files. Save. Synchronize. Share. Access your data from anywhere. All data is encrypted on your computer.


Free online storage service offered by the famous Amazon e-commerce portal. Photos, documents, videos and other digital files can be saved in the cloud using a computer connected to the Internet.


9. Mediafire: 50 GB

Mediafire is a very nice tool. Unfortunately, following the suspension of my account, I no longer access. Yet, apart from storing pictures, I sent them there nothing else! I put a reservation on this service that did not hesitate to remove me from its users without any warning!


10. ADrive: 50 GB

Founded in 2007, ADrive is the ancestor of storage services online! Mobile applications, desktop applications, search tool, integration of an editing module (Zoho Editor) directly online for your text and spreadsheet documents, etc. ADrive is a complete tool.


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