3 tips to create your brand logo


Just as the name of your brand, creating your logo is an essential step in the design of your business. The logo will be the sign of your brand and will have to represent it, so you can not skimp this stage. Here are our three tips to help you in achieving your logo:

Be Simple

Let's be honest, we're not all creative and aspiring designers. However, with little talent we have and the different programs that exist, we can successfully create a simple and effective logo. First, you must clearly define the image and goals of your company as well as the color codes that you want to highlight. Indeed, the color or colors of your logo will necessarily match your brand image as well as to all future visuals. Do not choose the colors too "flash" and know properly mix the colors together. Your logo will be seen by all and must be understood by all, so avoid doing too much and want to put all your ideas into one logo, sort your main objectives. You can create your logo from your brand name using, for example, the first letter of it, creating or using a sign corresponding to your service (coffee if you're a food company, for example) . If you want an original and exceptional logo, do not hesitate to call on professionals and designers.

Be timeless

While your logo should be simple with a twist if you wish, it must always be timeless. Indeed, although the fashion and trends are key aspects in choosing your logo and your colors, do not restrict yourself too much to them: fashion is not eternal, it is ephemeral. The "SEEN" weary public and logo might lose its charm a few years: it is important not to do in the old fashioned but also to forget the side "fashionable" of the moment (avoid therefore, at this time, words and aspects like "Hipster", for example). Nike and Orange brands, for example, have created timeless logos that work for years, which are anchored in people's minds and continue year after year to be fashionable.

Be personal

Your logo is your brand, but you also present, it is the personality of your business and your own personality. Although you will not necessarily put your Full Name logo, you can still bring your key by creating, for example, your own typography: a custom typography makes sure that your logo will be unique and that it will remain so.
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