How To Earn Money From Youtube Step By Step

Earn Money From Youtube step by step

Earn money from YouTube is possible but you have to show a lot of perseverance. The competition is tough. you have to start from the beginning ... First of all your fortune depends exclusively on the number of views on your videos. We must reach 10,000 views to begin to be paid by YouTube.

Step # 1: Find the right topic

Above all you need to find a good topic of video. Find a new topic. Browse the internet and see what comes back too often. Do not do what everybody doing already. It will be even harder to stand out. Find the subject suitable to attract your fans.

Step # 2: Create a YouTube Channel

Create your YouTube channel. Be judicious in your choice of username. Do not choose lightly! When creating your username, consider the keywords that will help in search.

Step # 3: Upload videos online

Here it is, your account is created, you can upload your videos. Only upload good quality videos at image level, but also in sound. Be regular in posting videos. Do not wait three months to upload a new sketch or a new presentation. Make your videos on a regular basis. Youtuber is a job in itself. Being consistent in your posting will allow you to retain your audience. Stuff your videos with keywords that will help your audience remember the video.

Step # 4: Develop your Audience

Keep in mind that your income will depend on the number of views on your video. So you need to grow your audience. Why don't just publish your video on YouTube. Get More Views By posting your video on other social media such as Facebook or Twitter. Share your videos with maximum visitors with the largest number. If your video is successful, these visitors will share your video with their friends who will share it with their friends and so on. The more ratings you have the more you get noticed and YouTube will be interested in you. YouTube like people who have a lot of subscribers.

Step # 5: Interacting with the audience

Follow the comments on your videos that will give you feedback. You'll know if people like it or not. What is correct. Answer these comments. This gives interactivity to your channel and that's good for ratings! 

Step # 6: Monetize your videos

You have to monetize your videos, to earn money from youtube. For this, YouTube offer to place advertisements in your videos. These are advertisements that will inflate your income. To do this, when you upload your video through YouTube, check the famous little box "monetization through advertising." Thus with each click on the advertising that appears on your video, you will receive an admittedly ridiculous nest egg but multiplied by thousands of views starting to become consistent. 

Step # 7: Get paid

Google AdSense. It will allow you to collect your income generated by clicks on advertisements. To register and receive your due, you must be over eighteen, have a bank account or a PayPal account and have a valid email address.

Step # 8: Follow performances

Follow your statistics on your videos through your channel. A tool is available to you by YouTube. This will allow you to check the number of clicks on the ads, the number of views on your videos Remember, the more you have views, the more you get paid.

Step # 9: Create a blog

In addition to broadcast your videos on different social media, YouTube, Facebook or Twitter, also create your own blog. Launch your website. So you can share your videos with other blogs and other sites.

Step # 10: Become a YouTube Partner

Your video begins to tour the world, you can Apply to become a YouTube partner. simply through the YouTube site click on the "YouTube Partner." To qualify for this privilege, you must have 15,000 hours of viewing on your videos in the last 90 days. This partnership will allow you to enjoy many tools offered by YouTube to improve your videos: sound effects, video editing, special effects ... etc. Do not forget. The more you have views, the more you earn money.


The method seems simple but you have to show a lot of talent to break into it. All YouTubers may not earn enough. Take it rather a passion, a hobby. Have fun and maybe fortune will come knocking at your door.
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